New-Old-Stock Weber Carburetors
New-Old-Stock Weber Carburetors

New-Old-Stock Weber Carburetors

New-Old-Stock Weber Carburetors.

On this page you will find New-Old-Stock ( or NOS N.O.S. Weber carburetors.

These are generally produced in Italy and production has long been stopped.

These carbs are scarce and we have to rely on luck to find them somewhere "on the shelf".

So, when they're gone, they're gone and they are only available while our stock lasts!

New-Old-Stock Weber Carburetors

New-Old-Stock Italian Weber 40 DCNF Carburetor

New-Old-Stock Italian Weber 40 DCNF Carburetor

New-Old-Stock Weber 40 DCNF 100-250 carburettor.

These are the original DCNF's, Made in Bologna, Italy, produced in the mid-1980's.

These are so-called "New-Old-Stock" carburetors which means that there were produced "in period" but have never been sold to an end-user and consequently have never seen any action.

Please note that Weber produces the 40 DCNF again in Spain nowadays but that this concerns an authentic Italian carburetor.

Apart from a slight quality advantage compared to the Spanish production items, the most important is that these carbs are period-correct which is important for restoration projects where authenticity counts.

Over the course of the last 35-odd years, some parts have been scavenged and used in other products but we will complete them, largely to your specification, before we ship them to you.

To leave nothing unclear, following is the exact specification:

NOT to be altered:

  • Throttle Valve Diameter: 40 mm
  • 4.5 Auxiliary Venturi (not in the pictures but no other versions are available)

Included in the price, NOT in the pictures, you pick any version or size that we have available:

  • Main Jet (at choice from our stock)
  • Main Emulsion Tube (at choice from our stock)
  • Main Air Correctors (at choice from our stock)

Included, other versions and sizes might be available at a surcharge:

  • 30 mm Chokes
  • 55 Idle Jets
  • 35 Pump Jets
  • 60F8 Choke Jets
  • 235 Choke Air Jets
  • 150 Needle Valve

Accessories and virtually all jets and tuning parts for the DCNF can be found HERE.

Will be supplied EXCLUDING Fuel Unions as it depends on your specific situation which one(s) you need.

We only have 1 of these carburetors available at the moment and they are priced individually!

New-Old-Stock Italian Weber 40 DCNF Carburetor