Carburettor Tools

Carburettor Tools Shop
Carburettor Tools Shop

Carburettor Tools Shop.

On this page you will find the various tools that we have available that make working on and working with carburettors a little easier.

Carburettor Tools Shop


Special Tool for Stromberg 175 CD Carburetors


Gunson Colortune See Through Spark Plug Kit


Gunson Carbalancer Carburetor Synchronizing Tool - G4053


Mixture screw tap for Dellorto DHLA and DRLA carburetors


2 Column Manometer - Synchrometer Carbtune Pro


4 Column Manometer - Synchrometer Carbtune Pro


Cohline Vacuum Hose with 3.5 mm inner diameter


Brass vacuum take-off adapter for carburetors and manifolds


Synchrometer airflow meter for carburetors


Synchrometer Adapter for Solex and Zenith INAT Carburetors


Synchrometer adapter for Weber DCNF carburetors


Synchrometer adaptor for SU carburettors


Synchrometer adapter for SU HD and HS8 carburetors


Synchrometer adapter elbow


Carburettor Jet Gauges


Jet size gauge 0.5 to 1.5 mm


54-Piece Jet Drill Set


16-Piece Jet Reamer Set


4 Gauge Carburetor Synchronizing Balancing Tool


Solex ADDHE Pump Tool


Set of 5 x A4 Sheets of Flexoid Gasket Paper Material


Set of 9 Hollow Punches for Gasket Material 2.5 - 10 mm


Gunson Digital Exhaust Gas and CO Tester - G4125